Essay Editing Services Terms and Conditions

July 25, 2019 0 Comments

Using this web page means you are in total agreement to the terms and conditions of essay editing services. On the other hand, please do not use this website if you do not agree to the following terms and conditions.

Agreement and Legal Age

In order to do business with our essay editing services, you must remember that you have to be in the legal age. Only those of legal age can order or buy any of the services we offer here. By agreeing to this section of this T&C you are of legal age. In ordering from our essay editing services, you have to read all the T&C stated here. In addition you agree that when you submit the order and payment forms, you are in total understanding of the terms and conditions here.

Ownership and Rights

When you place an order and pay for the services of our essay editing services, you are in total agreement to buy the product ordered from us for personal and not for commercial use. All ownership and rights remains to you upon purchasing the product from us.

Refund and Guarantee

Our entire essay editing services products or services is only refundable when it is stated in the document that it has a “Money Back Guarantee.” Make sure to review information about refunds before ordering our products or services. In addition, issuing a refund applies when the product or service bought does not meet your standards.


By reading, understanding, and agreeing to the terms and conditions here, you are recognizing that essay editing services reserves the right to reject or cancel any arrangement, agreement or contract with someone who tries to condone passing copied product to be original when placing an order from us. We also do not guarantee any specific school marks or grades and make a refund when you do not get satisfactory marks.

Our essay editing services can only served as reference and preliminary research for the specific topic or subject. These documents are not considered as the student’s own work or writing. All of our products must be properly cited.

Third Party Data

Our essay editing services shall not reveal or release any personal, credit card, and other information to a third party. Our rates and charges are stated on this website. However, there are orders that may alter the original price and charge an additional payment from you. Any additional payment information can be obtained from the customer support.

Acceptance of the Agreement

Your essay editing services order can be previewed on your personal account once it is completed. If the order or product meets, upon pressing an accept button, your ordered and purchased product is ready to download. After downloading the document, you are entitled to request for a revision within 7 days only if such revision is warranted.